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Another day, another Mac app? As usual, by me, someone with no Mac App development experience. Though I hope you enjoy it! Below is the project README

Displays Low Power Mode status in menu bar. Bolt means “Low Power Mode”. Crossed-out bolt means that LPM is disabled. Toggle “Low Power Mode” by clicking on the bolt, without entering your password every time.


  • Download and open the app
  • Accept prompt to move to Applications
  • Click bolt in menu bar
  • Accept prompt to allow apps to change Low Power Mode state
  • Enter your password or use Touch ID to give admin access
  • Done!

How it works

  1. Use Apple Cocoa APIs to create menu bar icon and notice when Low Power Mode is enabled or disabled
  2. Create file at /private/etc/sudoers.d/lowpowermode the first time the user tries to toggle LPM, said file allows anyone on the computer to change LPM state(and only that!)
  3. Use sudo and pmset to change LPM state on click


  • Cooldown
    • Opens 0x0 pixel window which is shown by Mission Control and AltTab
    • Does not detect if System Settings or another app en-/disables Low Power Mode
    • Adds a shortcut to the built-in “Shortcuts” app which cannot be removed
  • System Settings
    • Requests password every time
    • No quick look at menu bar to see if LPM is enabled


Cooldown for the idea

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